dedicated expert on the distribution and support of comprehensive ICT products and services.
Through a network of more than 2000 partners, we bring some of the largest ICT brands worldwide, to Europe. With vast experience in technology and focus on IP Telecommunications, Networking, Surveillance, Access control and ΙΤ Security, we provide top quality technology products and solutions to our partners and their clientele.
The solutions that PartnerNET designs are in line with even the most advanced needs of both big and small businesses, as well as private and public sector organizations in physical, virtual and cloud environments.
PartnerNET’s team consists of people who are highly qualified and willing to train and offer top level technical support to its network.

 We focus on Results. Every project is completed in the most efficient way.
We care about our partners. It is a privilege to support the people we are doing business with.
We support our network. We always make sure to cover the needs of our network in products and services.
We are efficient. We don’t just distribute products. We offer solutions. 

Our Partners are part of something bigger! Where everything connects!
It is Digital and it is Transformational.

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