November 6 2019 @ The Landmark Nicosia Hotel (ex Hilton)

Security: Τhe Innovation Enabler!

   The 4th Security Project Cyprus Conference will present Security as a new factor of innovation for businesses, organizations and society, by focusing on new security models, strategies and modern technologies developed to face the today’s threats.

 There was a misconception that investment in Security field, is only the cost of services and technological infrastructure, which can simply reduce the security risks to an organization, a business or to a residence.

In recent years, however, the critical role of security has been recognized in many aspects of professional, public, social and personal life, and most notably as a constant that adds value to a business and prosperity in a home environment. Today , it would not be an exaggeration to claim that new security strategies combined with the advanced technology solutions, that are developed in this field, they can in fact, not only to combating crime, but also be a new factor that enhances the innovation, in all its facets.

At the 4th Security Project Conference on Cyprus we will discuss, among other things, how the adoption of smart security technologies, can lead to innovation and guarantee effective protection against today’s risks, business continuity and enhance productivity and competitiveness.

We will also present new models for dealing with current threats wherever they may come and the protection against criminal acts, of any scale, internal and external risks, terrorist acts but also natural and technical disasters, at the stage of crisis management and emergencies.

The conference, which is now a benchmark in the field of physical security in Cyprus, once more it will the summit of professionals and experts dealing with security policies, services, projects and systems, as well as those of greater interest. participating in an information, communication, exchange and extroversion event. Also, the key managers of the market that need and use security will be the first to know about the new technologies and management tactics.

The conference agenda will cover a wide range of topics, with speeches and presentations by lecturers with extensive experience and high expertise in various areas of security, while at the same time an exhibition will be organized at the conference hall where companies will present products, integrated solutions and services. from the security field.

1st Session: Contemporary Threat Management Strategies and Security Projects Management

Creating security conditions and culture in the state, in organizations, in businesses, but also in our social and private lives, optimizing risk management with a scientific and operational approach, new services and utilizing evolved technologies to implement security projects , will be the key pillars of the agenda during the 1st theme of the Conference. Developments regarding new forms of crime will be analyzed, methods of how to manage security projects, crises management, showing emphasis on preventive action, upgrading private security services’ operational capability and modern technological tools.

2nd Session: Innovation at the heart of Security Technologies

How can security projects, with high-end technology solutions today, add value and innovation to businesses, organizations, and smaller-scale facilities? This key question will be answered by the lecturers in the 2nd theme, introducing the new solutions in the field of video surveillance with smart cameras and ai software, innovative hybrid and wireless alarm systems, with advanced remote access capabilities, new trends in perimetric protection, fire detection and access control, combining all of them for the Integration of the Security Infrastructure and the idea of ​​implementing a Smart Building at a facility.

Expo for security systems and services

During the 4th Security Project Cyprus Conference 2019, an expo for sponsor companies will take place, giving visitors the opportunity to find out about new products, technologies and services in the security sector, while coming in contact with businesses that operate in this market, in order to get information “face to face” about all developments in this industry.

In this expo that takes place during the conference, visitors will have the opportunity to see and know about systems like: cameras and complete video surveillance solutions, alarm systems, access control and peripheral protection systems, fire detection and extinguishing, as well as safety services.

Who will be there?

In the 4th Security Project Cyprus Conference, we invite the following to attend:

  • Executives of state institutions
  • Executives of public organizations and private businesses
  • Security and Safety Managers in businesses and organizations, like banks, embassies, public organizations, ports, airports, hotels and tourism infrastructures, retail stores, industrial sites, etc.
  • Executives and staff of private security service companies
  • Professional installers and security systems merchants
  • Executives and staff of the Cypriot Police
  • Private citizens, scientists, researchers, trainers, trainees and reporters

Η συμμετοχή στο συνέδριο είναι ΔΩΡΕΑΝ.


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