6th Security Project Cyprus 2022

“The Next Generation of Interconnected Security”

7 December
Nicosia, Cyprus State Fair

The digital transformation that is taking place at all levels of business processes, could not but significantly affect the field of physical security.

The trend for the integration of the  applications of technological infrastructure, but also the fact that human resources remain as the basic asset of security management,  depending on  the new threats and  modern risks,  but also the hybrid work environment  , create a new generation professional ecosystem,  which requires an interconnected approach to security, with the  triptych: people – technologies – processes, being the basic foundation  for  building  conditions for upgrading Safety  & Security

The above points will be the main axes of the topic through the 6th organization of Security Project Cyprus, the leading event in Cyprus for physical security.

Through the content of the speeches, as well as the participation of the companies in the parallel exhibition, the Security Project aims at the following:

  • Highlighting the best practices for the management of human and technological resources, for the protection of infrastructure, facilities and of course human life, focusing on the presentation of solutions that upgrade the respective projects.
  • Raising awareness and educating security professionals about the additional responsibilities they are charged with in dealing with security incidents and beyond.
  • To capture the developments in artificial intelligence and how it can work for the benefit of security through modern systems, always in relation to human actions and decisions.
  • Enhancing the understanding of crime-related behaviors and security policies that can help mitigate risks in the hybrid professional and social environment.
  • Deciphering technological trends, which can in practice improve the protection levels of facilities and at the same time constitute an investment with added value that can enhance productivity and sustainable development
  • How, ultimately, security through the systems, technological projects and procedures followed, can be harmonized with the business goals of organizations, but also with the requirements of today’s society at large, protecting facilities, people and rights and privacy.

Sponsors’ EXPO

Once again, within the framework of the Security Project Cyprus 2022, a parallel exhibition of sponsoring companies will take place, giving visitors the opportunity to get in touch with businesses active in the field of security services and solutions,  in order to be informed about their activities and in general about all the developments in the field.

Who participates

The Security Project Cyprus Conference addresses as every year to the entire large community of people who are professionally active or more widely interested in the field of physical security in Cyprus and Greece, such as:

  • Directors and Executives of in-house Security Departments from large Private Companies, from all private companies and Public Organizations
  • Executives and Personnel of all security companies in the private sector
  • Professionals active in the sale and installation of Security Systems and the Implementation of Technological Projects
  • Security Forces Officers and Personnel
  • Academics, Scientists, Researchers, Consultants, Trainers, Students and Individuals with a wider interest in the field of Security

Visitors to the Conference will have, among others, the opportunity to:

  • To enrich their knowledge about modern trends and learn the latest developments around security issues that are of great concern to businesses today.
  • To get to know the potential of new solutions and services and to be informed by executives of companies in the security sector in the exhibition area of the conference about the proposals they have.
  • To meet colleagues and professionals from the wider field of Security & Safety in the context of a beneficial networking for the exchange of views and know-how.

The benchmark event that the security sector in Cyprus participates

In every organization of the Security Project Conference, important organizations and especially many private companies from the market of services, systems and integrated solutions for security, support the conference as sponsors and actively participate,  contributing to the  its content.  The concepts of quality and innovation have been deeply rooted in the DNA of the Security Project Conference in Cyprus and Greece  for many years and of course of the companies Smart Press and Smart Com  and Security Manager Magazine.

Remaining firmly committed to highlighting security issues, with reliability, validity and above all with the greatest possible impact  and influence  in this field, the conference organization and publication team of the magazine, have succeeded in these two entities being  the reference points for the security sector in Cyprus and Greece , gaining recognitiontrust and respect for the industry and  the security market  in general.

Τα έντυπα περιοδικά και ηλεκτρονικά μέσα της Smart Press που υποστηρίζουν  το εν λόγω Συνέδριο είναι: