Security Strategy: Proactive vs Reactive!

Wednesday 30 November 2016 | Hilton Nicosia


Security Project, a conference about security that has already been held quite successfully for 4 consecutive years in Greece, will now be held for the first time in Cyprus, on 30 November 2016, in the city of Nicosia.

The 1st Security Project Cyprus is organized by Smart Press and Smart Com supported by Security Manager magazine, a reference medium in security news for the last 10 years.

The conference, expected to be a top-level meeting among security specialists and professionals in Cyprus, aims to highlight the complex landscape of today’s risks, as well as develop strategies and ways to deal with these risks, by focusing on preventive policies and actions, optimal management of security projects, and adopting new technologies. In any case, the conference will put forward the value of preventive security as a pillar of prosperity, stability, productivity and development of social and business structures.

The issues covered during the 1st Security Project will be structured around 3 basic axes:

1. Policies – Actions – Cooperation

Keeping in mind that security threats today, originate from many complex factors, it becomes absolutely necessary to redefine security policies, in order to prevent criminal activities, by prioritizing information collection and management, targeted actions and developing cooperation between state and international agencies, as well as the private sector. This section will be centered around factors that affect security, like increased immigration to Europe, fighting organized crime, protection of critical infrastructures, and of course mapping and dealing with minor and moderate crime rate in cities. State officials, service agents and scientists will develop their approaches towards all of these issues, and analyze the actions and cooperation required to create secure conditions.

2. Security Projects Management

In this age, when dealing with rising threats is the ultimate challenge for public agencies, as well as the private sector, effectively managing security projects is crucial to the protection of infrastructures, people and assets. Additionally, security management is evolving from a simple practice of managing projects, to a science with significant contribution to the prosperity and development of society and organizations. Presentations during this section aim to highlight this evolution, the critical roles of security agents, as well as base personnel, who are responsible for managing all kinds of projects. These include installation security, people protection, event security, risk evaluation and analysis, training and managing security personnel, employee protection and fire protection.

3. Technology in the center of all

Technology is a basic link in the chain of security. Complete solutions, systems and products associated with electronic security today, evolve and adopt even more innovative technologies, aiming to more effectively address this age’s needs for higher efficiency on all security levels, versatility and functionality. Professionals active in installation and implementation of security projects, as well as officials responsible for selecting, managing and overseeing such projects, will be able to find out about new trends adopted by system manufacturers, how these address new requirements, and what advantages do they offer, in this section. Security systems specialists, will highlight features of new video surveillance solution technologies, new trends in alarm systems, as well as developments in access control and fire detection.

Corporate sponsors expo

During the Security Project Cyprus conference, there will be an expo for corporate sponsors, allowing visitors to come in contact with businesses active in security services and solutions, in the country, in order to find out about developments in this area, face to face.

Who will attend the conference

In the Security Project Cyprus conference, we will send participation invitations out to officials, professionals and scientists active in security and responsible for making significant decisions in the public and private sectors. These include police officers and security agents, installation security managers of any kind (banks, embassies, public agencies, ports, airports, mass transportation, tourism infrastructures, production units, commercial store chains, etc.), corporate officials and personnel of companies that provide security services and installation of security systems. The conference is also suitable for those in security training, as well as anyone with a wide interest to keep up to date in this especially sensitive area.