09.00 – 09.30 Registrations

09.30 – 10.00 Keynote Speaking: Chief of Police of Cyprus, Mr. Michael Michaelides

10.00 – 12.00 Session 1 – Threat Management Strategies and Security Projects Management

In the first session of the Conference, trends in the new environment of risks and threats will be analyzed and modern security methods, crisis management strategies and emergencies, project and service design best practices with new technological tools and emphasis on preventive action will be presented and upgrading the private sector’s operational capability of security services in cooperation with the public.

Moderator: Vlasis Amanatidis, Editor in Chief Security Manager

Security and Institution of the Neighborhood Observer
Senior Police Officer Petros Patouras, Head of the Cyprus Police Crime Prevention Bureau

The criminal’s sketching ‘/’ Offender profiling ‘.
Andreas Kapardis – Criminologist, Emeritus Professor, Department of Law, University of Cyprus

Police & New Technologies – Cases of Mobile Cameras and Unmanned Aircraft
Dr. Evangelos Stergioulis – Doctor of Sociology, Panteion University, Member of the Open University of Cyprus – Lieutenant General Ea. Greek Police

Crisis Management – Emergency Plans
Nikolaos G. Diamantis – Lieutenant General – Deputy Chief of Staff ea – Legal Adviser on Fire Safety & Civil Protection,Judicial Expert on Arson Investigation

Visitor and Personnel Access Control – Holistic Security Planning and Deployment
Yiota Nikolaidou – Secure World Vision Strategic Security Planner & CEO

Airspace Protection from Drone Activity
Elias Livanis – Sales & Business Development Director, Ovit

Convergence of Physical and Digital Security, the new reality
Notis Iliopoulos – Director GRC & Assurance, ADACOM

Security Εscort – His training and duties
Nikos Piperoglou – President of the Hellenic Bodyguards Association (HBO)

12.00 – 12.45 Coffee Break – Coffee

12.45 – 15.00 2nd session – Innovation at the heart of Security Technologies

How can security projects with state-of-the-art technology solutions today add value and innovation to businesses, organizations, and smaller-scale facilities? This key question will be addressed by the speakers in the 2nd session introducing the new solutions in the field of video surveillance with smart cameras and intelligent software, innovative hybrid and wireless alarm systems with sophisticated remote access capabilities, fire detection and access control, as well as combining all of them in the context of Integration of Security Infrastructure and the idea of ​​implementing a Smart Building in a building installation note

Moderator: Vangelis Xanthakis – Journalist

Integration Capabilities in Action
Dimitris Drivakos – IFSAS Cyprus Director
Marilu Koutsoukou – Communications Director, IFSAS

Digitalizing the way cities are protected: Smart Policing
Symeon Konstantinidis – Director, Security Systems & Infrastructure, Space Hellas

Safeguard Your World – Transforming Security Big Data into Actions
Luigi Portaluri –Regional Manager, Qognify – On behalf of Blue Sun Automation Limited

The prevalence of Information Technology (IT) in the Security Systems market
Yiannis Petropoulos – Managing Director, Security Distribution Center S.D.C. Ltd

Global SIM – Multichannel Wireless Communication with Signal Reception Centers!
George Zoubouloglou – President & CEO Grande S.A.
Fotis Kremmydas – Sales Manager Grande S.A.

Artificial Intelligence Changes Data to Security
George Skouras – Business Development Manager, Novo Technologies

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems – One Step Ahead
Andreas Lundzis – Sales Engineer NSC

Autonomous drone for the security sector
Vangelis Xanthakis – General Manager, Xlab P.C.

15:00 – 15:30 Closing Conference – Light Meal