Tuesday 23 October 2018 – Hilton Nicosia

The 3rd Security Project Cyprus Conference aspires to highlight the ways by which we can realize the vision of integrating Security in Smart Cities and Smart Buildings!

The trifecta of Man – Process – Technology, combines to a seamless bond, in efforts to deal with modern risks, aiming to effectively protect infrastructures, assets and people. However, the security model for cities and buildings has changed due to modern requirements, driving this trifecta to the need of adopting a new “Smart” strategy, based on coordinated activities, up to date business procedures, multiple partnerships, and making use of advances technological means.

Smart Cities and Smart Buildings are no longer a utopia, but a reality. The evolution of technologies focused around IoT and A.I., as well as the need to unify building equipment -either for large installations or even for home applications- has led the security sector towards to a new direction as well.

 So, in this reality that constantly changing, security authorities, private security businesses, security professionals, from the top project management to the operational base personnel and the systems installation technician, must go by this generation’s developments – today more than ever.

This is also true for end customers of security services and systems, either they come from the public or the private section or even the home users.

The 3rd Security Project Cyprus comes to serve this assessment, that is to highlight a new, modern, smart approach to security.

The Conference will once more be the most significant meeting place for security experts in Cyprus and everyone that has a general interest in this sector, participating in an event to learn, communicate, exchange knowledge and information, highlight thoughts, and get a chance at extroversion.

 The Conference is scheduled to cover a wide range of subjects, with presentations by state institutions and speakers with experience and knowledge in various security sectors. At the same time, in the Conference area, an expo will take place, where relevant companies will present products, complete solutions and security services.

1st Session: Modern security challenges. A scientific and business approach – The Smart model

Modern challenges and the ways to deal with all kinds of criminal activity and risks today, against public and private infrastructures of all kinds and sizes, as well as the citizens and the society in general, will be the focus of the first themed session of the Conference. The characteristics met in new forms of terrorism and extremism, in organized crime and cyber-crime, all the levels of criminality, will be the points of reference. Specialist scientists, security force executives, state institutions and private professionals, will present the optimal practices of security management, emphasizing in upgrading the quality of services, technologies, training and procedures set through a new smart security model, to enhance the protection level of installations, infrastructures, information, assets, and of course people.

2nd Session: Security meets smart edge technologies: A.I., IoT, Integration, Cyber-Security, Cloud and Mobility

The industries of Video Surveillance, Intrusion Alarm & Detection, Access Control, Fire Protection and Smart Buildings, go through a quickly developing evolution through the last few years. Traditional manufacturers constantly upgrade their products and adopt even smarter technologies, like IoT and A.I., while physical security applications keep converging with the digital world and IT, supporting trends like Cloud and Mobility. At the same time, a trend that leans towards unifying systems in common platforms is gaining ground, while making Cyber-Security and Data Protection necessary, as well as a product of GDPR, has entered strong in the agenda of technologies for physical security.

 All these critical issues will be our focus during the second themed axis of this Conference, through presentations of new technological solutions and case studies about security for installations of all sizes, from corporations and small businesses to home infrastructures.

Expo for security systems and services

During the 3rd Security Project Cyprus 2018, an expo for sponsor companies will take place, giving visitors the opportunity to find out about new products, technologies and services in the security sector, while meeting businesses that operate in this market, to get information “face to face” about all developments in this industry. In this expo that takes place during the conference, visitors will have the opportunity to see and know about systems like: cameras and complete video surveillance solutions, alarm systems, access control and peripheral protection systems, fire detection and extinguishing, as well as safety services.

Who will be there

In the 3rd Security Project Cyprus Conference, we invite the following to attend:

  • Executives of state institutions
  • Executives of public organizations and private businesses
  • Security and Safety Managers in businesses and organizations, like banks, embassies, public organizations, ports, airports, hotels and tourism infrastructures, retail stores, industrial sites, etc.
  • Executives and staff of private security service companies
  • Professional installers and security systems merchants
  • Executives and staff of the Cypriot Police
  • Private citizens, scientists, researchers, trainers, trainees and reporters


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